TRAIN THE TRAINER – Certified Sports Coach Professional (CSCP)

24 Dec 2021


Wankhede Stadium


Certificate Course:
1. Duration 3 months: Fee Rs.34999
2. Diploma 6 months: Fee Rs.54999
3. Associate Degree: Fee Rs.84999

4. Business Accelerator – The Business Accelerator Program will help and guide you over the coming months in your pursuit to set-up your own business in a sustainable way, by taking into account the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s)

5. Career Transition: Life after Sport – For some, this transitional period can be a challenging time, especially as they move from a structured, directed, and purposeful career to one that is uncertain. But fear not, thousands of athletes make this transition every year and with this comes success stories and valuable insights.

6. Career Transition: Preparing for Future Success – You will learn why planning is fundamental to settling into your life post Sports. The strategies to prioritize and manage your time better, as well as the importance of networking and how it can enhance your employment opportunities.

7. Sport Event Management – This course gives you a step by step overview of what’s needed for you to host your own successful sporting event including bringing communities together, raising awareness, and providing entertainment to participants and fans alike.

8. Business Start-Up: From Idea to Launch: The course will highlight how to develop your idea, source funding, and bring it to market. we will share personal insights from our own business ventures and of lessons learned over 20 years in business. You will also hear from Olympians Kirsty Coventry and Lea Davison as they talk about their own businesses and how they have used their experience as athletes to make a positive impact in their respective communities.

9.Professional Sports Management: This course takes real-world examples applied by clubs and sporting organisations from across the world and teaches you by example how to strategise, build, and succeed in sports business. You will learn from case studies, practical examples and applied-information to help you understand the business of sport and how you can boldly take a step in the right direction

13. Recover Quicker, Perform Better: What are you doing today to ensure you are ready to compete tomorrow?
14. The Measure Of Success: If you aren’t measuring fatigue, wellness, or performance, you may not be getting the most from your training. Join us and learn how to take your training to the next level.
15. Faster, Higher, Stronger: Run faster, jump higher, lift more, and win more. Sports Management Centre shows you how to create your own high-performance training plan.
16. Sports Medicine: Understanding Sports Injuries: Previous injury, fatigue, or poor movement skills are just some of the factors that can contribute to an injury. Understanding how to manage these and how best to prepare your body for your sport will be key if you want to perform at your best in training and in competition. Upon completion of this course, you will have learned preparation and load management and why general well-being is the key preventative element.
17. Sports Psychology: Getting in the Zone: Upon completion of this course, you will learn the fundamentals of focusing your energy, how to embrace and manage your emotions as well as approaching setbacks in a positive way.
18. Exercise Physiology – The Body In Motion: In this course, you will understand what exercise physiology is and how it affects your training, what resistance training does to you and lastly, and more importantly, how exercise and activity help in the prevention and hence treatment of certain chronic health conditions.
19. Sports Nutrition: Eat to Compete: Sports Management Centre also share their top tips and insights on how to take control of your own nutrition and integrate proven strategies in your daily routine.
20. The Art and Science of Coaching: At the end of this course, you will be able to recall five coaching philosophies, how you can support and help your athletes in the best possible way, and how to maximise the impact you have on your athletes.

Sports Management Centre has been a leader in conducting outstanding Tennis / Sports programs since 1980.
Located at the Indian School of Business (ISB), our camps have a number of options for players of all ages and skill levels. The dedication and friendliness of our staff are why we’re considered one of the best camps.
Our various sports programs are run by Ravi Kiran Tenali, USPTR Professional, Corporate Champion, with rich experience of over 36 years. Represented INDIA at various world events held in USA, Australia, has work experience at major Grand Slam, The US Open, World Scholar-Athlete Games, US Scholar-Athlete Games, Australian Scholar-Athlete Games.

Majorly at the Rio Olympics

With a clear objective of promoting sports coaching programs for young sports enthusiasts,
SMC, headed by Ravi Kiran,  has taken a quantum leap in initiating and developing SMC Academy since Jan 2020.
In view of that, currently, the program planned by SMC management is the following…

o Certificate Program: Introduction to Sports Coaching
o Duration :3 Months

 Highlights of the Aforementioned Program
 Both Theory and Practical Sessions with Adequate Emphasis on On-Court Learning from Experienced and Certified Coaches
 Leaning Certain Key Concepts in Sports with Reference to ITF / Olympic Teaching Methodology
 Reflection on Problem Solving Tools
 Placement Assistance

o Eligibility: Graduate in Any Discipline
o Course Fee: Rs 34999/- per Learner
o Maximum Students in a Batch: 10

Details of Course Modules

Module:1 ( Theory)
 The Role of a Coach
o Why people play Sport
o Different Roles of a Sports Coach
o Learning & Coaching
o How do beginners players learn skills
o How do beginner players learn best
Duration: 2 Hours
Training Mode: PowerPoint Presentation
Module: 2 ( Theory)
 Communicating to Players
o Communication
o Different forms of communication
o Verbal Communication
o Non-verbal communication
o Different communication styles
o Effective Questioning
o Listening to the beginner players
o Working with groups of beginner players and keeping the communication clear
o The difference in communication with children and adults
Duration: 2 Hours
Training Mode: PowerPoint Presentation
Module : 3( On-Ground Training )
 Playing the game: Technique for Beginner Players
o Fundamentals of Warm-ups & Fitness
o The essence of Sport / Tennis Racquets &Grips
o Basics of Ground strokes
o Fundamentals of Serve and Serve Techniques
o Introduction to Volley
o The essence of Rallies, Match and Match Scenarios
Duration: Minimum 6 Hours in a Week
Training Mode: On Court learning from Experienced Coach

Details of Course Modules

Module: 4 ( Theory )

 Key Problem Solving Tools
o Introduction to the Concept of Deming’s cycle ( P-D-C-A)
o Reflection into Problem & Problem Statement
o Goal Statement
o How to find the root cause of a problem
 5 Why analysis
 Fish Bone diagram
o Finding solutions to the problem through brainstorming

Duration: 4 Hours
Training Mode: PowerPoint Presentation

P.S. Post completion of all the modules, certificates will be issued by SMC management to all the students.

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